Disability Insurance for Attorneys

Best Disability Insurance for Attorneys

Attorneys need customized Disability Insurance providing comprehensive Income Protection. Provisions within the Policy should covers your exact specialty of law, and day to day job duties.

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Retirement Protection Rider for Disability Insurance

Retirement Savings Protection Rider on your Disability Insurance

When your paycheck stops because of a disability, usually your 401k contributions stop as well. If you are disabled until age 65, you could be left without adequate retirement savings. Fortunately, you can add a feature called the “Retirement Protection Rider” to certain Disability Insurance Policies.

This Disability Insurance Rider will contribute a set amount to a qualified retirement plan while you are disabled. This feature is extremely important to ensure comprehensive income protection.

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Disability Insurance; Key Features You Need

Disability Insurance Policy Features

When purchasing a Disability Insurance Policy, it’s important to ensure your policy has some key features. Without certain provisions and features, your income protection could be at serious risk.

The first thing to make sure of is that your policy uses the “Own Occupation” definition of Disability. Some policies feature this as an add on, others have it built into the contract. But there are a few other important features.

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